Is Christian Anti-Semitism Responsible for the Poway Synagogue Shooting?

On Saturday, April 27, 2019, John Earnest walked into a synagogue in Poway, California and opened fire wounding two people and killing one. Two days later, Israel’s UN ambassador, Danny Danon, announced: “The time for talking and having a conversation is over,” and demanded that anti-Semitism be a criminal offense. Earnest clearly agreed with Ambassador Danon’s assessment that “the time for talking and having a conversation is over,” and the result was tragic. Soon after the attack, Dr. Michael L. Brown, a Jewish follower of Jesus, exploited Earnest’s inability to combine white racism and Christianity by blaming the attack on “Christian anti-Semitism.” If Ambassador Danon has his way and anti-Semitism becomes a crime, any time a person disagrees with a Jew, he will break the law. This will mean the end of free speech in America. It also will be the end of religious freedom because Dr. Brown has made it clear that any Christian who disagrees with his understanding of Scripture as it relates to the Jews is a “Christian anti-Semite.”

Home Alone: A Neighbor's Thoughts on Pete Buttigieg

Presidential aspirant South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg poses the question "What would my next-door neighbors think of all this?" in his political autobiography Shortest Way Home. In Home Alone, E. Michael Jones, who has lived with his family on the very block where Buttigieg grew up since before Buttigieg was born, answers that question, and his answer is devastating. For "virtually every ... claim in [his] book, the facts stubbornly resist the paradigm Mayor Pete brings to bear to interpret them," writes Jones, as he picks apart the fallacies in Buttigieg's self-serving autobiography. After reading Home Alone, you'll never look at Buttigieg or his presidential hopes in the same way again.

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