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The Economics as if God Matters Conference - Usury: Cause and Effect. 7 CD Set


E. Michael Jones, Ph.D.: Usury Begins with the Confiscation of Wages
Garrick Small, Ph.D.: The Economy is like the Trinity
David Wemhoff, Esq.: The Anti-Communist Crusade was War Against Catholics
Anthony Santelli, Ph.D.: Any Interest is Usury; No Fee is Usury, plus Mark Anderson: Social Credit in 10 Lessons
Adrian Krieg, Ph.D.: On Manufacturing, plus Mahlon Miller: The Alternative to Usury Agriculture
Captain X: Airline Pilots on Food Stamps, plus Jeff Langan, Ph.D.: The Proletariat in Academe
Rupert Ederer, Ph.D.: Economics as if God Matters, plus bonus Q & A Session with Anderson, Jones, Krieg, Langan, Santelli, Small, and Wemhoff

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