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Misreading the Catholic Vote


On Holy Thursday, 2009, while you were attending the commemoration of the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper and the beginning of the yearly celebration of the passion and death of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, President Barack Obama presided over the first seder meal ever celebrated at the White House. Just as Bill Clinton became known as our first black president, Barack Obama was coming to be known as our first Jewish President. That is not what the conservative press warned us about during the 2008 presidential campaign. If you had asked David Freddoso to predict what Holy Thursday would be like at the White House in the wake of an Obama victory, he might have envisioned a prayer service featuring the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, former weatherman Bill Ayers, and maybe Al Sharpton, followed by a meal of fried chicken and chitlins with the theme song from The Jeffersons playing in the background, but not a seder. In this talk, E. Michael Jones explains how everyone got it wrong. Even Bishop Chaput, who said the election results proved Catholics don't care about abortion anymore. Well, the uproar at Notre Dame over the Obama invitation indicated that post-mortem was premature and that the truth would prevail in ways no one expected.

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