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Brooklyn Existentialism


Brooklyn Existentialism: Voices from the Stoop explaining how Philosophical Realism can bring about the Restoration of Character, Intelligence and Taste by Arthur DiClementi and Nino Langiulli. Immortalized by Hollywood in the 20th century, Italian Brooklyn became an icon of American culture. Brooklyn Existentialism shows it was more than an icon: the oxymoronic combination of uprootedness and ethnic solidarity in mid 20th century Brooklyn takes us not just back to Italy, not just back to Europe, but back to the sources of philosophical realism that made Europe, Italy, and America possible. Brooklyn Existentialism is ethnophilosophy with a vengeance: a take-no-prisoners attack on the bad ideas that corrupted the academy and an equally frank discussion of the moral mischief those ideas caused. Ethnophilosphy is not an oxymoron, it is the only philosophy worth doing. What were Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle if not residents of an ethnic neighborhood who became skeptical of the ruling ideas of their day and decided to speak out?

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